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Can Your Pet

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can your petCan Your Pet game is a very age friendly game because anyone can play it. It is very attractive, addictive and adorable in every sense as you get a chance to adopt a pet and take care of him. You are given a chance to customize the pet to your liking. It is then up to you to feed and clean him. There is a shower button that you press when you want to clean your pet. The game allows you to name and raise a pet giving you a parental feel. It is unbelievable the connection you get with your pet as you are basically responsible for his survival. This game provides an opportunity to be responsible as it is your role to look after your pet. The blue and red meters on the screen show the cleanliness and appetite of the pet. The game has a satisfying environment that is an incorporation of warm hues, delicate edges and a liquid movement. The game has a soundtrack that increases the high vitality of your pet’s activities. As you take care of your pet, you will find a bicycle at the far right of your screen. When you click on it your pet can ride on the bicycle. This gives you a form of amusement as it is very adorable to see your little pet riding all alone on the bicycle. This shows how easily the game can control your feelings. The diversion of the game comes in when you finally lose your pet. This innovative idea is brought about by the founders of the game wanting you to feel how real your pet is. This is because in normal cases when an animal completes its lifespan it dies. The passing of the pet is the end of the Can Your Pet game.

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